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Valgosocks socks from bursitis of the big toe


Socks from bursitis of the big toe Valgosocks – clamps to get rid of hallux joints of the foot without changing lifestyle. The device operates safely and effectively.

Bursitis on the leg a real problem for many people. Especially affecting women who are forced every day to wear uncomfortable shoes: high heel shoes with a narrow front part. Subject to disease and a lover of fashionable stilettos. Such shoes visually lengthen legs, but the joint tissue it would be devastating.

Valgosocks revolutionize the treatment of bone. Using this simple device, we can solve the problem of wrong location of the joint of the big toe, avoiding painful sensations. Socks allow without extra exercises and medical procedures to deal with trouble.

The bottom part of the socks from the bones of the thumb Valgosocks includes a lining: the dense pillow, which is located under the Central part of the foot. The design is lightweight, comfortable, invisible under the shoes can be worn not only at home but also at work, walk, or meetings. The finger will be subjected to moderate pressure, gradually straightened. The load will pass from the diseased joint, the discomfort subsides.

Socks Valgosocks are an alternative to surgery, which surgeons relieve the patient from the bone on my finger. A surgical approach is more traumatic, has more complications and a lengthy rehabilitation period. The maximum effect is achieved gradually, instant results can be expected. However, the soreness goes away almost immediately after starting use of the fixture.

The cost of the operation significantly above the price Valgosocks. To correct the position of the joints occurs gradually, but the painful lump is removed at the beginning of use.

The cause of hallux valgus

Reason Hallux Valgus

The main reason for the curvature of the thumb and the foot is pressure or friction exerted on the lower extremity. Human skin, which protects the bone responds to friction and pressure by the formation of blisters. Subsequently, these blisters start to whine, there is swelling. The pressure should be reduced by wearing more loose shoes. However, what if the first symptoms of hallux valgus? By the way, they should be well know to respond to such a nuisance:

  • the big toe begins to deviate towards the other toes (at first it may be almost imperceptible, but then the degree of deviation is about 20-30%);
  • the bone begins to stick out in the opposite direction from the finger side;
  • there is pain and discomfort while walking;
  • there is a tumor, which also causes pain.

To avoid this disease, you need to pay special attention to the selection of shoes, which should be loose, with low heels, not too tight.

But if the trouble has already happened, then you should not despair because scientists have developed special socks from the bone Valgosocks that will remove a tumor, relieve pain, and to restore the natural shape of the foot and big toe.

Socks Valgosocks made in Germany

Socks Valgosocks developed at the Institute of orthopedics in Germany. The work involved was not only leading experts in the field of orthopedics, but also a number of other doctors.

When creating this product were taken into account all the structural features of the musculoskeletal system of the person, thereby creating an innovative product, famous all over the world.

Socks Valgosocks are not only effective against the bones in the foot, but also help to avoid valgus deformity of the fingers.

As Valgosocks helps from hallux valgus?

Hallus Valgus is a serious disease that is impossible to remove by any other means, except by using Valgosocks. There is still the option of surgery, but it is unlikely to fit most women, because any operation is dangerous to health and life in General.

Socks Valgosocks operate on the following principle: they are fixed on the foot, fix the big toe. As a result, the finger slowly begins to return to its original position, the same thing happens with the protruding bone.

However, this action socks ends:

  1. Valgosocks relieve the swelling and remove the pain that accompanied it.
  2. Orthopedic socks prevent further curvature of the big toe joint.
  3. There is an opportunity to monitor the daily load on the feet.
  4. Returns the natural mobility of the foot.
  5. Socks have a lasting effect.

The before and after photos Valgosocks

Before after use-1 Valgosocks Before after use-2 Valgosocks Before after use-3 Valgosocks Before after use-4 Valgosocks Before after use-5 Valgosocks Before after use-6 Valgosocks
Socks Valgosocks from bursitis of the big toe slowly aligns the position of the foot bones relative to each other. Correction is smooth, it can be stopped at any time when the desired result will be achieved. The effect of repair stands and with a proper selection of shoes in the future remains for life. If you feel that the violation is returned, you always can again resort to using Valgosocks to immediately stop the deformation process.

Material Valgosocks

The material used for sewing socks, has the following properties:

  1. Elasticity

    He stretched, allowing the waist band for feet of any size, but holds its shape, providing a sufficient tension force. On the one hand, while wearing the corrector does not occur any inconvenience with Valgosocks socks the other accumulates the effect of his actions, the bone gradually come to a physiological condition.

  2. Strength

    The fabric has a special weave and is composed of durable threads. When used as directed and gentle wash thing will last a long time. To damage the strength of fabric can wash in hot water or boiling. Protect her from such influences.

  3. Hygroscopicity

    Matter is breathable and does not create excessive moisture, which can serve as an impetus for the development of fungal infections of the skin.

  4. Allergenicity

    The fabric does not contain allergenic impurities and may be operated to people with sensitive skin.

Care socks Valgosocks is to hand wash in cold water or soap solution at room temperature. Dry socks are better in the air, not on the battery, so they won't lose their shape.

The use of socks Valgosocks

Apply socks Valgosocks very simple. They must be worn during the day or night. If it is not possible to use them 24 hours every day, then leave on the feet according to the situation. The more time the finger is placed under the pressure of corrective lock, the faster you can expect results.

During use, the socks should be comfortable, the right size shoes with moderate heels. Podiatrists recommend the use of such shoes and after normalization the position of the bones of the foot.

On the bottom of the socks has a lining, which should be changed every 3-4 days. Included with the socks is a detailed manual, following which it is possible to achieve the best and fastest result.

During treatment should regularly change the position of the lining. About how to do it, is detailed in the attached instructions.
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Buy Valgosocks on our site – means to provide themselves with a highly efficient product that permanently eliminates deformation of the thumb, no matter how serious it was.

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To buy Valgosocks in the pharmacy it is impossible – the policy of the manufacturer and excludes any distribution methods in addition to direct sales to the consumer.

The product is the composition, method and indications for use listed on the package. Payment is due upon receipt (cash on delivery).

The opinion of the doctor

Dr. Oliver

17 years
Patients in the UK with a valgus deformity often complain of pain in the big toe. Often the pain is aching or sharp. The only truly effective device that I can recommend for treatment – valgosocks. Is a unique development in the form of socks, which are easily fixed on the feet. Joints and big toes are straightened for 30 days. In my practice, I had never seen such a drug which would just over a month to remove the bone on the leg. This, as the doctor concludes – Valgosocks is unmatched funds at the present time.