• Bursitis is the inflammation of the lining of the joint capsule.
  • Under the heel bursitis often occurs in people who are long on the legs. Pathology develops in the joint of the calcaneus.
  • Pain in the fingers, a ray of the carpal and metacarpal joints is one of the most common reasons leading patients to the reception to the surgeon. Bursitis of the hand deprives the body of the professional mobility and health.
  • Every movement in any joint is always accompanied by friction of the articular cartilage together. To mitigate this friction, necessary liquid, which is filled with a Bursa . If there is excessive stress on the joint or injury may occur bursitis
  • The strength of the joint is primarily ensured by the synovial Bursa and tendons. In our article we would like to discuss the symptoms and causes and treatment of Achilles bursitis, which is the most common.
  • Bursitis of the knee – inflammation of the joint (synovial) bags, accompanied by accumulation of fluid (synovial).
  • Bags inflammation of the elbow joint, or bursitis of the elbow is one of the most common diseases of the musculoskeletal system of man.
  • Treatment bursitis knee folk remedies designed for combination with traditional therapy. So it is possible to achieve the best results.
  • Bursitis of the ankle has symptoms, it is easily diagnosed by photos of x-rays, and treatment is the initial stage of the disease being at home.
  • Bursitis of the hip develops in one or more synovial bags. The disease process is progressing rapidly, the lack of treatment provokes severe tissue injury.
  • One of the most common diseases of the joints is inflammation of the synovial Bursa or bursitis. When inflammation of the volume of fluid increases, which leads to pain and other symptoms.
  • Frequent injuries of the ankle joint bones or infectious lesions lead to the beginning of the inflammatory process in the heel area. The treatment of such diseases as heel bursitis and symptoms require a comprehensive approach.
  • Bursitis knee is inflammation of the Bursa of the knee joint. Bursa — which is usually located near the areas of attachment of muscle tendons to bones or under by the tendons, around the joint, and is designed to reduce friction.
  • Bursitis is called the inflammatory process in the articular capsule. The disease affects any of the joints, and one of the most common is bursitis of the elbow joint. It has a characteristic course: the symptoms appear gradually, which prevents timely diagnosis.
  • It is known that the bursitis treatment at home lends itself so well. Therefore, many prefer to conduct therapy with the help of folk remedies.
  • Bursitis of the big toe refers to a rather common disease. It occurs due to the specific hallux valgus, in which there is a characteristic curvature, and often caused by genetic predisposition, but sometimes it is a result of professional activity (ballerina, sellers, hairdressers, etc.).
  • Bursitis is a this kind of acute inflammation, which is formed in about articular capsule, that is, a soft pouch, filled with liquid and used as padding for a cushion between the bones, muscles or tendons.