Treatment of bursitis of the elbow joint. Symptoms of bursitis of the elbow joint

Why inflamed elbow bags?

The frequency of causes of inflammation are:

  • Constantly repeating the same injury. Most often, the joint is damaged, if the body weight is transferred regularly to the elbow. This applies to athletes, miners, porters and students. So developing a "miner's elbow" and other inflammation related professional activities.
  • Acute injury – for example, a fall on the elbow in ice.
  • Inflammation of all joints of the body, arthritis of different origin, and gout.
  • Abrasions or cuts in the region of the joint when the infection penetrates from the outside.
  • For an unknown reason. In this case, treatment for bursitis of the elbow begins with clinical examination, which allows to detect the cause of the disease.
  • When common severe infectious diseases – tuberculosis, syphilis, brucellosis, gonorrhea, erysipelas inflammation.
  • Other severe systemic diseases – diabetes, rheumatism.
  • In bedridden patients or in very old age.

What is bursitis of the elbow?

Suspect this condition may be the case if:

  • the joint area swelling dramatically increased in size, the swelling gradually increases;
  • pain in the joint, which movement is enhanced;
  • joint is hot to the touch;
  • above it is visible redness that can spread far around;
  • starts fever;
  • appear weakness, malaise, fever, lost appetite.

If there is at least one of these signs, you should immediately contact to doctor so time to start treating bursitis of the elbow joint. The sooner it is started, the better the chances for full recovery.

What if bursitis is not treated?

There are complications, as well as their own the disease "pass" can not. The blood supply to the joint capsule becomes bad, the infection settled there firmly. May be suppuration, which spreads to the surrounding tissue. The pus inside can break through all the tissues, resulting in a fistula or hole to heal. In place of a purulent process can appear adhesions due to which joints will become immobile. Acute inflammation may acquire a chronic form, in which pain and fever will be troubled permanently. All this can be avoided if the treatment of bursitis of the elbow joint to begin from the first days of the disease. You need to treat it in traumatologist or orthopedist, they are the main specialists in bursitis.

Is it possible to treat bursitis at home?

You can, if the disease was the result of injury, but the General condition is not affected. The first thing to do is to impose a pressure bandage to the joint. This is necessary to ensure that the joint is rested, and the movement in it is limited. Bandaged hand is recommended in flexion at an angle of 90°. After bandaging his hand, to fix , to throw over the neck. The hand should be hanging on a sling. When bandaging is important not to pinch the blood vessels. Fingertips must maintain sensitivity. If they are numb, the bandage should be loosened. For this procedure great ready the sports bandage.

At home you can cure bursitis of the elbow joint. Treatment: ointments anti-inflammatory and analgesic. The joint covered with a napkin with any anti-inflammatory ointment, which is found in the pharmacy. The range of such preparations is increasing yearly.

Purulent bursitis of the elbow joint1

Antibiotics can be prescribed only by a doctor

Sometimes the inflammation of the joint capsule is so aggressive that simple tools can't handle him. There is a simple rule: the inflammation should recede after 3 days of starting treatment.

If this does not occur, and the condition is only getting worse, an urgent need to go to the doctor. When the doctor confirms bursitis of the elbow joint, treatment with antibiotics should begin immediately.

The choice of drug depends on many factors: the severity of the disease, patient's age, concomitant diseases. Dosage form – tablets, injections, gels, ointments or irrigation – also selects the doctor.

What factors depends on the choice of drugs?

First of all, from the form of the disease, which can be:

  • Serous – joint produces a lot of fluid, but no bacteria.
  • Hemorrhagic – in the cavity of the joint capsule was poured out blood.
  • Purulent – the most severe form, when the joint hit pyogenic bacteria.

Bursitis of the elbow joint. Treatment

Pictures of people suffering from bursitis of the elbow, clearly show what complications can occur if not promptly begin therapy.

Sometimes drugs are not enough. It happens in the case when the joint has accumulated too much fluid. Joint capsule cannot be stretched, and the fluid pressure causes intolerable pain. To alleviate the condition, the doctor may perform a spinal tap. Bag gently pierced with a needle, and inflammatory fluid is sucked. This liquid in some cases send to a testing lab to determine a more accurate cause of acute pain. Without removing the needle from the cavity, it immediately administered the drug, and the patient's condition instantly easier.

Is it possible to completely cure purulent bursitis?

Not always, but every doctor wants to be. Much depends on the General reactivity of the organism of the patient. When it is detected purulent bursitis of the elbow joint, treatment is always complex. An isolated bursitis, when the whole body is healthy and young and full of energy, often fails to heal completely. When related diseases, the prognosis worsens.

If necessary, your doctor may prescribe these studies:

  • X-rays of the joint to determine the condition of the bones.
  • Ultrasound of the joint to detect changes in articular capsule: the presence of cavities, the nature of their content.
  • Examination: blood and urine glucose levels, sensitivity to antibiotics and so on.

During treatment, you need to completely get rid of pathogenic bacteria to improve the human condition. Quite often when pus bursitis have to cut the joint cavity and install drainage to the pus discharge had access. The section the joint cavity was washed with antiseptics and antibiotics, speeding up the recovery.

Bursitis of the elbow at common diseases

If bursitis elbow is a complication of other common diseases such as diabetes, tuberculosis or inflammation of the mug, all forces are directed on symptoms of the underlying pathology. Bursitis of the elbow symptoms, treatment of which is fully linked to the overall clinical picture requires immediate therapeutic action. Remember that timely suppression of the main exciter and the main frustration always leads to recovery.

All people with a severe General diseases it is better to prevent the development of bunions than to try to deal with it. Older people should be protected from injury, and patients must often turn over in bed. Good functional bed is able to significantly improve the quality of life of such patients.

Will folk remedies?

Only the mild form, when the joint is no pus or blood, are body wraps fresh leaves of medicinal and vegetable plants, lotions, propolis, pine baths and other available treatments, warming and sucking action.

The result is always better if you start early treatment bursitis of the elbow joint. Medicines for this should choose a doctor. To relieve the inflammation, used not only antibiotics, but also non-hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs, and in severe cases, appointed corticosteroid hormones. From all national resources is necessary to refuse, if you had a purulent process.

What to do if bursitis has become chronic?

You need to persevere in the treatment, achieving a persistent and prolonged remission. In the chronic form the inflammation is less acute, often there is fever and severe swelling. But chronic process causes stiffness of the joint, to cope with which is very difficult.

If you have any chronic bursitis of the elbow joint, treatment involves physical therapy. To date, a large number of medical devices that generate ultraviolet light, ultrasonic waves or current of ultrahigh frequency. All these methods of physical pressure applied with success in the chronic form of bursitis.

Purulent bursitis of the elbow joint2

Also has excellent effect of phonophoresis, by which the cure is carried out in the thickness of the skin with ultrasound. A remarkable result gives acupuncture, especially if it is made by high-class specialist.

In recent years the most popular became the shock wave therapy as a method of getting rid of chronic pain. The medical device generates an acoustic wave of power which is enough for destruction of the pathological formations. In shock wave therapy great resorption of adhesions, indurations, and cicatrices, and the mobility of the elbow joint is much increased. Always after inflammation of the elbow joint need to be elaborate, for this is physiotherapy.

Usually begin with a simple shake of the hand, gradually bringing scale movements to a normal level. It is important to perform simple exercises daily. Very useful massage or passive exercise. Correct, complete and specialized treatment helps you achieve a complete cure or significant improvement of a condition of the elbow.