Bursitis in your arm

Inflammation of the joint capsule of the brush is called bursitis. The reasons that trigger the pathological process, very much:

  • injuries: bruises, cuts, abrasions, fractures;
  • boils, carbuncles, suppurative sores;
  • the infection of internal organs;
  • the different types of arthritis: rheumatoid, juvenili, psoriatic;
  • the deposition of salts.

The presence of risk factors contribute to the beginning of the disease, lead to complications. These include:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • pathology of the thyroid gland;
  • old age;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • prolonged steroid therapy;
  • long-term stress on the joint.

How to recognize the disease: typical symptoms and signs

Disease in the acute phase flows clearly and specific. Well-marked painful swelling with hot reddened skin. Most often bursitis develops in the beam-carpal joint of the hand. This contributes to the highest amount of movements it has. With the same frequency affects the wrist joint bags large, middle and index fingers. Typical symptoms of bursitis are the same for all joints of the hand, including:

  • Pain. Occurs when moving and at rest. Increases sharply when pressed. At night time its intensity increases due to swelling and accumulation of effusion. In nature it is: whining, shooting, throbbing, cutting.
  • Puffiness, swelling. In the area of inflammation there is swelling or a bulge of a soft-elastic texture, with clear contours. Synovial fluid is produced in excess.
  • Redness. Corresponds to the area of bursitis brush, thumb and middle finger. Color from mild to severe redness with festering.
  • The increase in temperature. Concerned about General fever, but also occurs with local hyperthermia.
  • The restriction of movement. It is impossible to bend and straighten the fingers, to take in hand the subject, especially if the inflammation is in the area of the thumb.

Methods to diagnose bursitis of hand

Bursitis in your arm1

The disease is diagnosed by specialists: traumatologist, surgeon, and rheumatologist. Performed visual inspection and palpation. X-rays performed in 3 projections, for the correct diagnosis in the pathology of the brush. It confirms the scope of the inflammation. The algorithm for further research include:

  • puncture;
  • biochemical analysis of fluid;
  • de culturis joint fluid;
  • Ultrasound;
  • MRI.

The treatment that is prescribed for bursitis of the wrist

Acute cures rheumatologist and orthopedic surgeon. Launched chronic bursitis goes to the surgeons. To limit the range of motion impose a pressure bandage. Apply the cold. The doctor prescribes ointment topically with anti-inflammatory and analgesics effects. To enhance the effect of gels help injectable and tablet medication. Puncture of the inflamed Bursa allows to correct the pathology as quickly as possible.

Drugs: the main groups of drugs

The treatment of the disease complex. It is aimed at suppressing local inflammation, fight infection. An effective and safe means:

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.Relieves pain and inflammation block the prostaglandins.
  • Analgesics.Ease the pain.
  • Antibiotics.Destroy bacterial pathogens.
  • Corticosteroids.Have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

Diet for bursitis of the hands, recommended by doctors

In the diet useful to include fresh vegetables and fruits, pumpkin seeds, vegetable oil, fiber and germ of the grain: green buckwheat, wheat, oats. Of the meat products on the table should be only jelly and jellied eel. Doctors proved that this kind of fish contains valuable amino acids, normalize the synthesis of the liquid. From the menu, you should eliminate fried, fatty, smoked, and foods that contain purine:

  • beef, pork;
  • bean;
  • tomatoes;
  • milk;
  • cheese.
Synovial fluid is produced in normal amount in compliance with correct nutrition.

In some cases, a surgery?

Surgical treatment in chronic illness and festering. Purulent bursitis of the thumb is opened, and remove purulent exudate, excision of the diseased tissue. The surgeon leaves the wound drainage for purification to full closure. Chronic inflammation completely cut Bursa, capsule, content of fibrous tissue. Prognosis after surgery is favorable. Relapses happen in 1-2% of cases.

Treatment of folk remedies: recipes, time-tested

At home with bursitis will help you to deal reliable and simultaneously simple ways:

  • Salt. To compress 1 tbsp dissolved in 500 ml of boiling water. Moisten flannel or woolen bandage. Applied to the joint and close the top with foil. Better to make a compress for the night and withstand at least 5 hours.
  • Sugar. Compress do at night. A Cup of sugar heated in a pan, not allowing to melt. Put in a cloth bag. Wrap, cover with a scarf or wrap.
  • Potatoes raw. 2 potatoes cut into circles. Placed on the affected joint at night, wrapped a woolen scarf on top.
  • Cabbage. Sheet beat until the juice, put the honey. Wrapping and the reinforcing polyethylene.
  • The propolis. Conducting a course of 10 days. The tincture of propolis make gadgets every day for an hour.
  • Honey ointment with aloe. The recipe is simple. Mix honey, aloe juice and alcohol, in the ratio 2:1:3.

How to prevent bursitis, forecasts disease

To prevent the development of the disease it is necessary to minimize traumatic factors. Prevention measures include:

Bursitis in your arm2
  • the rehabilitation training using pulling exercises;
  • avoid heavy lifting patient hand;
  • treatment of cuts, wounds and abrasions with antiseptic solutions;
  • the use of measured loads.
Bursitis in your arm3

Modern therapy brings optimum results. Acute bursitis of the thumb and wrist rarely becomes chronic. Timely visit to a rheumatologist and traumatologist reduces the risk of relapse and scarring of the articular cavity. The major complication of the disease infection. Bursa is located directly under the skin. The bacteria easily penetrate through the damaged and pathological gates over the joint. With a weakened immune system, the inflammation goes on the muscle fibers, which can develop into myositis. Bursitis can be complicated in calcification.