Compresses bursitis: the best recipes of folk medicine

In the human body over 180 joints – movable joints of the bones. Each of them has a complex structure.

Compresses at bursitis1

Form a joint surface of the epiphysis of the bones are covered with hyaline cartilage, synovial Bursa and sheath.

Despite its apparent strength, these compounds are very vulnerable. Shoulder Bursa, located between the joints and muscles, produces a special liquid.

It is designed to lubricate and reduce friction during movement. When inflamed connective tissue bags, in the joint fluid accumulates, decreasing the sensitivity of the recipes, and work flexible joint becomes limited.

This disease is called bursitis. Often there is a loss of elbow, knee, shoulder and hip joints, which account for the greatest burden.

The inflammatory process in character development and the clinical course may be acute, sub acute, chronic or recurrent.

The causes include injury and persistent mechanical irritation, bacterial infection, but often the development of bursitis starts for no apparent reason.

The affected joint in such as swells, bumps sometimes appear, which accumulates synovial fluid.

Especially painful tolerated in the popliteal bursitis the joint is not less of a problem be inflammation of the elbow and knee.

With symptoms often coexist:

Compresses at bursitis2
  • fever;
  • General weakness.

In cases of chronic and recurrent inflammatory process may require surgical aid, in acute bursitis it is possible to do without radical measures, using traditional medicines.

Treatment of bursitis with poultices

Self-treatment bursitis folk remedy is best to start with compresses.

Such therapy is effective when the first symptoms of inflammation as soon as the tumor and "whining" elbow, knee, hamstring or other joint.

It is compatible with the use of oral and local anesthetic agents.

Compresses on the aching joint give good results with regular treatments, the amount of which depends on the degree of disease progression.


Wrap with a warming effect on the inflamed joint do for the night: to do this liberally soaked in alcohol gauze cloth must be applied to the affected area and secure with the bandage.

It is important to carry out the procedure regularly until complete recovery. It is not recommended to use rubbing alcohol strength of more than 60%, especially for sensitive skin to avoid burn.

Infusion of lilac

Helps in case of acute bursitis infusion of lilac, cook that is simple enough: a handful of flowers, insist 2 weeks in a half liter of vodka, filter and use for compresses.

Compresses at bursitis3

If the bursitis was manifested in an acute form, and wait for an infusion of time no, the alternative is the lilac leaf broth: per liter of boiling water 20 to 25 pieces, to insist hour.

After the compress procedures, you can apply the ointment with anesthetic effect.


Many patients say that they helped salt baths and compresses.

Pay attention: the frequent use of their dry skin, so additionally you should care about moisturizing those areas of the body which are exposed to the solution.

For making funds take 2 cups of warm water and 150 grams of salt.

In the received solution moisten a cloth napkin and is applied to the joint. Effective and daily local salt baths.

Cabbage leaves

Cabbage leaf gives a pronounced therapeutic effect in the tumor of the joints. The course of treatment is, on average, from one week.

To do this, take 1-2 large cabbage leaves, slightly bruised with their hands, so they let the juice, apply to the sore spot under the bandage.

For best results it is recommended to alternate the data compresses with an alcohol through the day.

Household soap shavings, honey and chopped raw onions

In severe inflammation, the effect gives the following folk remedy: RUB soap into small chips, add a little warm water and boil on low heat until half the liquid smooth. To the cooled mixture is introduced onion gruel and honey (2:1:1).

On a napkin gauze impose mush. Apply the honey-onion poultice for the treatment of elbow or knee joints at night.

A few treatments and the patient's condition improved significantly. Honey recommended to use pasteurized.


Propolis tincture is an effective and natural treatment for bursitis that can be used at any stage of the occurrence of inflammation.

To prepare the required alcohol 40-50% vodka. Propolis (10g) pour alcohol (100 ml) and throughout the week, insist in a dark place in a tightly sealed container.

Infusion soaked gauze cloth is recommended to put on the aching elbow or to the damaged knee 1-2 times a day until symptoms disappear.

Reception of propolis for inflammation of the synovial bags appropriate inside. In this case, prepare the mixture: mix 150 grams of soft butter and 30 grams of propolis. Taken one hour before meals three times a day for 1-2 weeks.

Other recipes

Popular methods of pain and swelling at the bursitis.

  • Brew hay dust: per liter of boiling water – a handful of raw materials, to insist 40-60 minutes, used in baths and compresses.
  • Aloe Vera juice and fresh honey in proportion 1:1. It is recommended to RUB into the site of inflammation or to apply under bandage overnight. Best suited aloe over 2 years.
  • Aloe Vera juice Golden mustache in equal proportions for rubbing the affected bursitis of the hip.
  • Honey and fresh grated potatoes are mixed in proportion (tablespoon to ½ Cup) and apply under a compress bandage for the night.
  • Juice vegetables: beets, cabbage, and celery (1:1:1) were mixed and used as a cooling lotion 1-2 times a day.
  • Bath infusion of pine needles: 30 grams of dry needles per liter of boiling water. Insist broth for 2 hours, is used in the form of heat locally.


Bursitis treatment of folk remedies with the help of infusions, lotions and compresses relates to non-aggressive treatment methods.

Usually doctors recommend them as part of complex treatment.

This is not to forget that relapses are talking about serious pathology, so it is necessary a comprehensive survey!

Compresses with bursitis for a short time, reduce inflammation and help to restore the joy of movement.