Bursitis of the hip: symptoms and causes of disease

Problems in the hip joint were observed in athletes and people leading a sedentary lifestyle in older age and in patients of middle age. Information about bursitis will help you understand why you can not start the inflammatory process in the pelvis.

General information about the disease

The destructive process often affects certain synovial bags: Hip bursitis, treatment1
  • trochanteric;
  • seat;
  • iliac scalloping.

Classification bursitis is the name of the affected area. Pathological process, regardless of location, has similar characteristics.

Most often develop bursitis trochanteric bags in the hip joint. Trochanteric develop in the area of protecting the greater trochanter is the bony protrusion on the external side of the thigh area.

Risk group:
  • athlete;
  • people performing heavy physical work;
  • the elderly patients;
  • proponents of a sedentary lifestyle.

The pathological process вiliac pectinate bag , is diagnosed in fewer patients than trochanteric bursitis. Pain syndrome develops when extension of the thigh. Lose the seat joint capsule is even rarer. With the active inflammatory process is difficult to bend the hip.

Important! In the absence of therapy, the inflammatory process aktiviziruyutsya, develops pus lesions, the infection spreads to other parts of the body. Purulent bursitis is a dangerous form of the disease causing complications, deterioration of the General condition. Often develop a chronic form of inflammatory process, the pain slightly subsiding, the formation of cysts filled with fluid.

The causes of disease

The defeat of the synovial Bursa of the hip most often develops under the influence of the following factors:
  • damage to the femur, injuries of different nature in the fall, hitting the edge of the table;
  • constant stress on the joints when lifting weights;
  • the lack of movement at "sedentary" work;
  • malformations of the lower limbs (one leg shorter than the other);
  • the infection of the Bursa after trauma;
  • the presence of bone spurs, osteophytes in the tendons in the trochanteric area of the bone.Bone formations cause problems in the functioning of the hip joint, restricted mobility of limbs;
  • rheumatoid arthritis triggers active inflammation in the articular capsule;
  • diseases of the spine (scoliosis, low back pain), arthrosis, arthritis;
  • surgical treatment in the area of the hip joint – arthroscopy, endoprosthesis replacement. During the operation there is always a risk of complications and the inflammatory process.

Characteristic signs and symptoms

Detection of the inflammatory process at an early stage simplifies treatment, reduces the risk of complications. If the patient is on time, pays attention to the first signs of bursitis, treatment is successful in most cases before surgery is not reached.

Main symptoms:
  • arise periodically pain in upper thigh, closer to the outer side. Pain increases with load, while climbing and descending the stairs after a long walk;
  • the pain disappears during rest. If the patient lies on the sore area, the discomfort intensifies;
  • pain increases when transition to active movements after a long period of rest (watching TV, computer work);
  • when suppuration rises the local temperature of the tissue swelling;
  • the more negative signs, the worse is the inflammatory process.


At diagnosis, the orthopedist or the rheumatologist differencial bursitis in the pelvic hip region with arthritis with similar clinical signs. The doctor examines the nature of pain, time of occurrence, the intensity of the symptoms.

Often, in order to clarify the data required laboratory studies, the use of modern equipment. Held:

  • ultrasonography (USG) of the hip joint;
  • magnetic resonance imaging;
  • puncture of the problematic bursal;
  • radiography;
  • biochemical analysis of blood.

After studying the data, the doctor determines the degree of inflammation, the affected area, the type of therapy. Mild bursitis quite conservative techniques in advanced pathology requires surgical intervention.

Effective methods of treatment

Therapy bursitis is a long process. The hip joint is constantly under load when driving, it is difficult to limit mobility without compromising living conditions. The reduction of pressure on the affected joint – a necessary condition for the reduction of pain.

When not running pathologies is outpatient treatment. The doctor will prescribe several groups of drugs for maximum effectiveness, comprehensive impact on the inflamed area.

Important! The use of traditional methods and anti-inflammatory compounds requires caution and careful selection. Buy drugs without prescription the doctors often violates the treatment regimen, reduces the effectiveness of therapy. Little impact on the destructive lesion causes the development of chronic bursitis.


Inflammation in the synovial bag will decrease under the influence of the following compositions:
  • NSAIDs. A required element of any treatment of destructive processes in articular tissues. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory compounds facilitate the patient's condition, remove the swelling, reduce pain, inhibit the development of infection. Potent drugs have a negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract: exceeding the duration of the course is unacceptable.
  • Corticosteroids. Doctors recommend hormonal formulations only in advanced form of disease, or in acute inflammation of the process. At an early stage doctor prescribes the compositions of the NSAIDs, only when they are shown the ineffectiveness of Corticosteroids. Drugs act quickly, often applied to the inside of the joint injections, but the side effects even more than NSAIDs.
  • Local anesthetics. To reduce pain, improve blood circulation, reduce swelling of tissues in the affected area will help the compositions for local application. Gels and ointments are easy to apply, quickly absorbed, actively penetrate into the deeper tissue. Any drug is prescribed doctor: in pharmacy there are many ointments and gels with different active ingredients. If a strong inflammation process, the warming compositions are not recommended.

Physical therapy

Hip bursitis, treatment2

In the period of acute inflammation of the procedure is not carried out. After the relief of pain, reducing swelling of tissues, stop the allocation of purulent exudate methods of physiotherapy be one of the main directions of treatment of bursitis.

For a comprehensive effect on the hip joint, a doctor appointed extracorporeal shock wave therapy and drug electrophoresis. Other methods of influence less effective.

Folk remedies and recipes

Home treatment does not replace medical therapy, but herbal medication made from natural ingredients relieve negative symptoms, improve the condition of the tissues, remove edema and pain. After the selection of recipes talk with your doctor. Most of the compositions contain components with a delicate effect on the affected tissue.

Tested recipes:
  • vegetable poultice against inflammation. Need beets, potatoes and cabbage. Carry out the procedure every day. In the evening RUB one kind of vegetable, spread on gauze, secure the affected area. In the morning remove the tool. Mixing vegetables is not necessary. Cabbage, potatoes and beets reduce swelling, inflammation, do not irritate the skin; medicinal tea from celery. You will need a tablespoon of celery seed and 250 ml of boiling water. Connect the components in a thermos, infuse hour, filter. Ready drink drink twice a day before meals. Natural remedy cleanses the body, reduces inflammation;
  • bath with pine elixir. To prepare a medicinal decoction take 500 g of pine needles from fir or pine. Also suitable twigs and young buds. Thoroughly rinse raw, add to a saucepan, pour 3 liters of boiling water, simmer for half an hour. Let cool in a sealed container, after 12 hours strain. Use pine elixir for medicinal baths. The duration of the useful treatments for inflammation and pain – 20 minutes;
  • sprouts plus honey. Wash cabbage leaf, one side spread with honey. Apply to the area with inflammation, cover with a clean cloth, soak for half an hour. Compress reduces the inflammation and swelling. Do the procedure daily for two weeks. To enhance the effect at night apply a paste of beet, cabbage and potatoes (each kind of vegetable);
  • Kalanchoe against bursitis. Take a few leaves, wash, pour boiling water, chop to a pulp. The green mass with an active anti-inflammatory properties apply to the painful area for half an hour. The optimal action is Kalanchoe on the aching joint – hour. Every day spend a simple procedure, and swelling quickly subside, reduced the pain problem area;
  • cream butter and propolis. 100 g softened butter, take half a teaspoon of bee product mix. Daily lubricate the painful areas. A useful tool folk healers advise to use not only locally, but also ingest half a teaspoon before meals in the morning. The Wellness course consists of 14 procedures.


Follow these easy rules:
  • do not allow the appearance of extra pounds;
  • limit the load on feet;
  • in professional sports regularly monitor the condition of joints;
  • refrain from sedentary lifestyle;
  • prevent injuries;
  • eat foods that are useful for cartilage and bone: lean fish, seafood, vegetable oil, vegetables, bran. Useful dairy products, jelly, jelly, cheese, cottage cheese;
  • time to treat common diseases, prevent development of the chronic forms;
  • the aging of the body pay more attention to the health of the musculoskeletal system, take a nutritional Supplement to maintain the elasticity of cartilage;
  • lift weights permitted weight for moving heavy loads, use devices and mechanisms;
  • long wait (not sit) in one place. Prolonged static load is one of the causes of joint damage;
  • remember doctors involved in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Pain, swelling, discomfort in the area of the hip joint after exercise examination to clarify the cause of discomfort. At the early stage joint disease to be treated is simpler and cheaper.
Pay attention to discomfort in the hip, do not refuse the help of the doctor, not to go to surgery for advanced stage. Timely therapy bursitis will prevent complications, maintain the mobility of the limbs.