Usage instructions Valgosocks

Any woman can easily wear socks Valgosocks and wear them all day while at work, on vacation, in a store, etc. the Corrector is fairly simple to use, but even in this case you should carefully read the instructions for its use. Here you can find actual and useful information about how to fix the drug.

To achieve the maximum possible results it is necessary to observe some rules:

  • Dress up socks on the bare foot.
  • Should fix the sock on the foot.
  • Socks can be worn any shoes, though you should refrain from high heels.

Every woman will easily understand the instructions for use, which will allow it to independently apply orthopedic product at home, at work and in other places.

Indications for use Valgosocks

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Socks from the bone in the leg will be useful under these conditions:

  • Deformity of the foot due to the curvature of the thumb, its "care" for others. The retainer holds the finger in the correct position, if that is not possible because of the strong curvature, closer to him.
  • Redness and bumps on the peach pit, corn on it. The pressure in this place is transferred to the whole foot and is evenly distributed. The fabric becomes the protector and does not allow the Shoe to RUB bone.
  • Transverse platypodia and the resulting secondary bending of the bones of the foot. Socks prevent the detrimental effects of flat feet and do not affect the position of the joints. But if such effects are already implemented, then Valgosocks it eliminates (negates), and causes the state of the skeleton of the foot to the physiological norm.
  • A crushed foot. Formed due to improper footwear, high stress or excess weight, a crushed foot, a very difficult life. Socks with locks remove a large part of the load from the front of the foot and distribute it evenly.
  • Pain or simply discomfort while walking or long standing. Valgosocks quickly solve this problem, in the very first days of application.

Contraindications to the use of Valgosocks

The socks themselves have no contraindications for use, however, there are conditions under which it is necessary to wait with their use. In these conditions they will not be able to fully perform its functions and can cause the development or worsening of other diseases that are not associated directly with valgus deformity of the foot.

  • The integrity of the skin. The wearing of any accessories, including this, will cause the slowing of regeneration processes.
  • Fungal diseases. Fungal infections require treatment before use socks. The bandage will have no effect on the course of fungal diseases, however, can be a source of infection after treatment, because it cannot be disinfected without damage to the state of the material.
  • Growths on the skin that come into contact with design. Additional pressure may have an unpredictable effect on their development.
When healthy the skin, stop to use socks Valgosocks. In other cases, you must first achieve a getting rid of related violations, then start the correction of the position of the bones.

When to expect a positive result?

Many are interested in the question: when to wait for the desired effect orthopedic socks? It is quite a logical question, because man always needs to know what he should expect and what to expect in the future.

Interestingly, Valgosocks have a virtually instantaneous effect. The consumer will not have to wait six months or a year, all hoping for a positive result. An obvious effect will be noticeable after two weeks of regular wear the corrector, and the end result will speak after 1-1.5 months.

Typically, the finger is straightened 4 weeks, but then encouraged to continue using the product to consolidate the results and prevent further curvature.